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Title: The fungus gnats saga
Words: 221
Rating: PG-13
Pairings : Sherlock/John
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Previous 221b: The infinite monkey theorem (2/?)


The fungus gnats saga

Sherlock was bored. He stared at the four-day-old coffee mug and lazily wondered if he should start an experiment with the colourful mould swimming on top.

There were two, no wait, three dark-winged fungus gnats next to it (occupying the only free space on the table in-between several stacks of paper and two computers).

They were not moving anymore. Sherlock pondered a gas leak for a second. Maybe he should get a canary bird just in case. He was then distracted by the unfolding thread of possible experiments including canaries for about a minute.

When he focused back on the gnats, one was moving again. No, two were moving, the third had dropped off the table.

He opened a text to John.

>Rashid and Fergus are currently on their backs, legs in the air. Natalie dropped off the table and hasn't been seen since.<

>Excuse me?<

>Rashid just wiggled his legs.<

>Please tell me you haven't brought any pets into the flat again. Remember the wombat incident?<

>They have six legs.<

>Not really comforting. Remember the locust incident?<

>I wonder if this is normal behaviour.<

>Normal FOR WHO<



>Dark-winged fungus gnats.<

>Did one of your fungus experiments come alive?<


>Lestrade called. Not bored anymore.<

>Do not leave any dead animals for me to find again<

>I really do prefer bees.<

Next 221b: Feathering the nest

AN: Atlin Merrick and I have started to meet up online to write together. One time I had three fungus gnats next to my computer. She named them. That’s all I got by way of explanation.

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